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PBS Library is the emergence of previous FBS and PCO Libraries.  PCO and FBS Libraries were established in 1978 and 1981 respectively at Islamabad to cater the information and research needs of officials of both the departments.


PBS Library has grown into one of the best libraries of Pakistan. Its core collections are on the subjects of statistics, economics, demography, sociology, banking, finance, trade and commerce. However, literature on other auxiliary disciplines such as information technology, geography, law and management as well as on disciplines of general interest like philosophy, religion, politics, literature, and history, etc. is also adequately maintained. Below is a summary of present library holdings:

Category   No. of Items
Monographs / Books/ Reports  English and Urdu languages 41,800
Journals & Magazines  Local and Foreign 10
Annual Reports Federal Government (Ministries and Divisions) 320
Newspapers English and Urdu 06

A brief description of each category of resources is given as under:

A) Printed Monographs / Books: The monographs collection, comprising of over 41,800 volumes of books & reports, is divided into the following sections:

1. Reference Section: This section houses various kinds of atlases, dictionaries, directories, encyclopedias, concordances, yearbooks, statistical handbooks and manuals, etc. Reference books are not lent but can only be consulted within the library. Some renowned reference works available in the library are:

  • General Encyclopedias, such as: Encyclopedia Americana (Vol. 1 to 30), Encyclopedia Britannica (Vol. 1 to 30), the Macmillan Concise Encyclopedia, etc.
  • Subject Encyclopedias, such as: Encyclopedia of Islam, Encyclopedia of General Knowledge, Encyclopedia of Earthquakes and Volcanoes, Encyclopedia of World Religions, the Concise Encyclopedia of Islam, Encyclopedia of Seerat Un Nabi  in Urdu, etc
  • Leading language dictionaries such as those of Oxford, Chambers, BBC, Ferozesons, National Language Authority, etc.
  • Subject dictionaries & encyclopedias of economics, banking, accounting, finance, management, statistics, IT, and other subjects published by different publishers.
  • Reference books on well known Islamic topics such as: Tafseer, Hadees, Seerat and Islamic history, etc.
  • Various Atlases published by reputed local and foreign publishers
  • Census of India, 1931 Vol. XVII Punjab Part I – Report
  • Census of India, 1931 Vol. XVII Punjab Part I – Tables
  • A Gazetteer of Kashmir and the Adjacent Districts of Kishtwar, Badrawah, Jammu, Naoshera, Poonch and the Valley of the Kishen Ganga (1973)
  • Gazetteer of the Montgomery District, Sahiwal, 1883-84
  • Gazetteer of Chenab Colony (Lyallpur, Faisal) (1905)
  • Gazetteer of Hyderabad District (1920)
  • Gazetteer of Province of Sind Sukkur District (1919)
  • Gazetteer of the Attock District 1930
  • Gazetteer of the Bahawalpur State 1904
  • Gazetteer of the Bannu District 1883-84
  • Gazetteer of the Dera Ghazi Khan District, 1893-97
  • Gazetteer of the Dera Ismail Khan District 1883-84
  • Gazetteer of the Gujranwala district 1883-84
  • Gazetteer of the Gujrat District 1921
  • Gazetteer of the Hazara District 1883-84
  • Gazetteer of the Jhang District, 1883-84
  • Gazetteer of the Jhelum District 1904
  • Gazetteer of the Karachi District (1919)
  • Gazetteer of the Kohat District 1883-84
  • Gazetteer of the Lahore District 1893-94
  • Gazetteer of the Larkana District (1919)
  • Gazetteer of the Mianwali District 1915
  • Gazetteer of the Multan District 1923-24
  • Gazetteer of the Muzaffargarh District 1929
  • Gazetteer of the Nawabshah District (1920)
  • Gazetteer of the Peshawar District 1897-98
  • Gazetteer of the Province of Sindh (1876)
  • Gazetteer of the Rawalpindi District, 1893-94
  • Gazetteer of the Shahpur District 1897)
  • Gazetteer of the Sialkot District 1920
  • Gazetteer of the Thar and Parkar District (1919)
  • Gazetteer of the Upper Sind Frontier District (1919)
  • Gazetteer Series- Sibi District (1907)
  • Imperial Gazetteer Baluchistan
  • Imperial Gazetteer Kashmir and Jammu
  • Imperial Gazetteer North West Frontier Province
  • Imperial Gazetteer of India provincial series Punjab Vol. I & II

2. Government Publications Section 

Reports issued by various agencies of the federal government and provincial governments, periodically or occasionally, have been organized in a separate section, called Government Publications Section. Being the sources containing primary and official data on different socioeconomic aspects of the country, these reports are extensively consulted by the PBS researchers, statisticians and executives as well as the outsiders including bankers, university students, journalists and free lancers visiting the library in connection with their reference & research work. The library has almost complete archive of the following renowned government publications issued by Planning Commission, Ministry Finance, State Bank of Pakistan, Ministry of National Food Security and Research, Federal Bureau of Revenue, Ministry of Industries, etc:

  • Pakistan Economic Survey (1961-62 to 2017-18)
  • Public Sector Development Plans (1976-77 to 2017-18)
  • Annual Plans (1969-70 to 2017-18)
  • Five Year Plans including their reviews and evaluation reports (1955-60, 1960-65, 1965-70, 1970-75, 1978-83, 1983-88, 1988-93 and 1993-98)
  • Pakistan Energy Yearbook (1981 to 2016)
  • CBR Yearbook (1986-87 to 2005-2006)
  • Punjab Development Statistics (1976 to 2016)
  • Sindh Development Statistics (1974 to 2014)
  • NWFP/KPK Development Statistics (1984 to 2017)
  • Balochistan Development Statistics (1980-81 to 2015)
  • Statistical Pocket Book of Punjab (1985 to 2014)
  • Statistical Pocket Book of Sindh (1978, 1983, 1992 and 1997)
  • 50 Years of Agriculture Statistics of Pakistan Vol. I to V  (1947-2000)
  • Agriculture Statistics of Pakistan (1980 to 2013-14)
  • Human Development in South Asia (1997 to 2013)
  • National Education Census 2005 Pakistan
  • Census of Private Educational Institutions in Pakistan 1999-2000
  • Nutrition Survey of Pakistan 2011
  • Compendium on Environment Statistics of Pakistan (1984-2015)
  • Compendium on Gender Statistics (1998, 2004, 2010 & 2014)

All government documents are generally treated as reference only. However, Librarian may allow the people form Research & Statistics Departments to borrow the reports for a limited period for discharging their official assignments.

3. PBS/FBS Publications Section: A separate section has been developed for FBS Publications where all publications issued by Federal Bureau of Statistics since 1950 are placed.

  • 10 Years of Pakistan Statistics (1972-82)
  • 25 Years of Pakistan Statistics (1947-72)
  • 50 Years of Pakistan Statistics Vol. I to V (1947-97)
  • Census of Electricity Establishments 1999-2000 & 2003-2004
  • Census of Manufacturing Industries (1954 to 2005-06)
  • Census of Mining Industries (1962-63 to 2004-05)
  • Household Integrated Economic Survey (HIES) (1990-91 to 2016)
  • Labour Force Surveys (1966-67 to 2013-14)
  • Macro Economic Indicator of Pakistan (1992 to 1997)
  • Monthly Bulletin of Statistics (1953 to 2017)
  • National Accounts of Pakistan (1969 to 2005-06)
  • National Health Accounts Pakistan (2005-06, 2007-08, 2009-10, 2011-12 & 2013-14)
  • Pakistan Demographic Survey (1984 to 2007)
  • Pakistan Employment Trends (2007-2013)
  • Pakistan Integrated House Hold Survey PIHS (1995-96, 2001-02 & 2008)
  • Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement Survey (PSLM) National / Provincial (2004-05 to 2016)
  • Pakistan Statistical Yearbook (1952 to 2015)
  • Pakistan Statistical Pocket Book (1962 to 2014)
  • Population Growth Survey (PGD) (1968-1979)
  • Quarterly  and Annually Contraceptive Performance Report (2011-12 to 2015-16)
  • Review of Foreign Trade (1979 to 2003)
  • Annual Establishment Enquiry (1972-73 to 1997-98)

4. PCO Publications Section: A separate section has been developed for PCO Publications where all publications issued by Population Census Organization since 1951 census are placed.

  • Population and Housing Census Reports (1951, 1961, 1971, 1981 and 1998)
  • Census of Establishments Pakistan 1988
  • National Report of 1998 Census
  • Provincials Report of 1998 Census
  • District Census Reports of 1998 Census
  • City Reports of 1998 Census
  • Union Council Reports of 1998 Census
  • District Brochures of 1998 Census
  • Census Handbook of 1998 Census
  • Census Atlas of Pakistan 1998 Census
  • Main Finding of 1998 Census
  • Census Bulletin 1998 (No. 1 to 17)
  • Population of Mauzas 1951-1981
  • 1951-98 Population of Administrative Units

5. Census of British India 1871-1941: Some census reports of British India from 1872 to 1941 are available in the Library in digital format as well as hard copies.

6. ACO Publications Section: A separate section has been developed for ACO Publications where all publications issued by Agriculture Census Organization (ACO) since 1960 census are placed.

  • Census of Agriculture (1960, 1972, 1980, 1990, 2000 & 2010)
  • Agricultural Machinery Census (1975, 1984, 1994 & 2004)
  • Livestock Census (1976, 1986, 1996 & 2006)
  • Mouza (Village) Censuses (1983, 1988, 1993, 1998, 2003 & 2008)
  • Crops Area and Production by Districts (2000-01 to 2002-03, 2005-06, 2006-07 & 2007-08 to 2008-09)

7. State Bank of Pakistan Section: This section holds publications of State Bank of Pakistan. Some of the regular publication series are:

  • Annual Import of Good and Services (2007 to 2015)
  • Annual Export of Good and Services (2007 to 2016)
  • Annual Report (1980-81 to 2013-14)
  • The State of Pakistan Economy (1997-98 to 2013-14)
  • Banking Statistics of Pakistan (1990-91 to 2013)
  • Statistics on Schedule Bank in Pakistan (2000 to 2014)
  • Balance Sheet Analysis of Joint Stock Companies (1989-95 and 2004-09)
  • Equity Yields on Ordinary Share (2002 to 2008)
  • Index Number of Stock exchange Securities (1995 to 2006)
  • International Investment Position of Pakistan (2007 to 2013)
  • Pakistan Balance of Payments (1995-96 to 2012-13)
  • Foreign Liabilities and Assets and Foreign Investment in Pakistan (1991 to 2005)
  • Monthly Statistical Bulletin (1974 to 2017)

8. IMF Publications Section: This section holds publications of International Monetary Fund. Some of the regular publication series are:

  • Direction of Trade Statistics (2001 to 2007)
  • IMF Annual Report (1993 to 2000)
  • Annual Report on exchange, Arrangements and Exchange Restrictions (1993 to 2005)
  • Balance of Payments Statistics Yearbook (2004 to 2006)
  • International Financial Statistics Yearbook (2004 to 2006)

9. World Bank Publications Section: The World Bank Publications are in a separate section. Some prominent monographic series of the World Bank are:

  • World Development Report (1978-2018)
  • World Bank Annual Report (1990 to 1994)

10. UN Publications Section: The UN Publications section holds research reports of United Nations Agencies and its other organs like UNCTAD, WTO, ESCAP, FAO, World Economic Forum, etc. The most frequently consulted titles in this section are:

  • Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) 1993
  • Asia and the Pacific Journal (1988 to 2011)
  • Statistical Yearbook of UN (2001 to 2007)
  • Population and vital Statistics Report (1990 to 1993)
  • The Courier Journal (1993 to 2000)
  • Finance and Development (2004 to 2006)
  • UNDP Human Development Report (1990 to 2013)
  • FAO Yearbook Production (1992 to 2003)
  • FAO Yearbook Trade (1993 to 1997)
  • FAO Yearbook Forest Production (1999, 2005, 2007 & 2008)
  • FAO Quarterly Bulletin of Statistics (1993 to 1998)

11. ADB Publications Section: the official publications of ADB comprising of books, selected country and economic studies, technical papers, annual reports, statistical publications, documents on loans and technical assistance projects, environmental impact assessments, and public information materials. A separate section for ADB publications has been established in the library. Some key statistical publication besides monograph series in ADB holdings are:

  • Asian Development Review (1993 to 2005)
  • Key Indicators (1990 to 1997)
  • ADB Annual Report (1991, 2003 & 2005)
  • ERD Technical Notes, Working papers Series (1994 to 2004)

12. PIDE Publications Section: PIDE is the leading research and teaching institute of Pakistan that focuses on theoretical and empirical research in Development Economics in general and on Pakistan-related economic issues in particular. PBS Library maintains a separate section for PIDE publications in which all books, research reports, policy notes, and working papers of PIDE have been displayed. Pakistan Development Review (1961 to 2012) is available.

13. Gazettes Section: This section maintains archives of the following gazette documents:

  • Government of Pakistan (2000-2018)

14. General Section: Books that do not fall in the above listed sections are placed in the General Section in the following sub-categories:

  • English Languages Collection
  • Urdu Collection

15. Periodicals: Periodicals are categorized into the following:

  • Foreign Journals / Magazines
  • Local Journals / Magazines
  • Annual Reports of Government Organizations
  • Newspapers


Different classification schemes are being used for effective organization of various kinds of literature. The book collections are categorized into Reference, Government Documents, State Bank of Pakistan, United Nations, World Bank, IMF, and General Sections for Urdu and English Languages. Within each section the books are classified according to Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme. A separate section is being maintained for periodicals where back volumes of all the journals have been arranged, primarily in alphabetical order (title wise) and then within each title, the issues are arranged in chronological order (date wise). The Gazette documents have been arranged in chronological order. Newspapers archives are housed for few months only.

Bibliographic records of all library holdings have been computerized using in-housely developed software (LIMS) and are searchable through our website i.e www.pbs.gov.pk and across the Bureau on its local intranet through Library’s Online Public Access Catalogue.



Presently, following services are being offered to users by the library:

A) Lending, Renewal and Reservation Service: All registered members are entitled to borrow items from the library in accordance with their borrowing privileges set forth in Library Lending Policy. Book(s) loaned to a member can be reserved by other members through asking the circulation desk. Similarly, members can ask for re-issuance of book(s), if not reserved by other members, upon expiry of the loan period.

B) Reprographic Service: Within the limitations of copyright legislations, photocopy services are available in the library at very cheap rates. However, library does not provide scanning and printing services at the moment.

C) Current Awareness Service: In order to inform the members about current acquisitions, monthly Fresh Arrivals and Content Alerts are broadcasted through email to all the library members.

D) Inter-Library Loan Service: Though no formal inter-library loan agreements exist between the PBS Library and other libraries of the region, yet every possible effort is made to arrange the needed material from partner libraries like Planning Commission, PIDE, M/o Law, M/o Finance, SDPI and PASTIC, etc, on reciprocal basis.


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