Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) being the National Statistical office has envisioned the initiative of “Digital Pakistan” of Prime Minister for accelerating the processes and facilitation to the public/policy makers through e-governance and undergone “Digital Transformation” for provision of reliable, credible and timely data for informed decision making. PBS is mandated to release weekly indicators of price change “Inflation” based on prices of baskets of essential goods & commodities collected from ground all over the country measured through Sensitive Price Index(SPI). 

Inflation is the one of the most important economic indicator as it directly impacts the population especially the poor and vulnerable segments and affects the performance of Government.  Therefore, for monitoring of unbridled prices, its trends and improving governance, a technological intervention namely Decision Support System for Inflation (DSSI) has been developed by PBS on directives of Prime Minister.

The Decision Support System for Inflation as a modern Digital intervention will facilitate:

  1. Policymakers
  2. National Price Monitoring Committee (NPMC)
  3. Provincial governments and District administration

for price monitoring, improving governance and informed decision making regarding inflation

Decision Support System on Inflation Reports: