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Weekly Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) for 12-09-2019

Weekly SPI, with base 2015-16, for the week ended on 12-09-2019 is 125.25 with 0.76% change over previous week.

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Monthly Summary on Foreign Trade Statistics for July, 2019

Summary on Foreign Trade Statistics.

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Press Release on Consumer Price Index (CPI) Inflation for the Month of August, 2019 [Base 2015-16=100]
Monthly Price Indices for August 2019 (Base Year 2015-16)
Monthly Price Indices for August 2019 (Base Year 2007-08)

Monthly review of price indices based on SPI, CPI and WPI.

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Quantum Index Numbers of Large Scale Manufacturing Industries (QIM) for June, 2019

Provisional QIM has been computed in PBS on the basis of latest production data of 112 items.

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PBS News-Bulletin (Issue# 2)

The PBS News-Bulletin (April-June, 2019) has been released.      (Download) 

Monthly Advance releases on Foreign Trade Statistics for June 2019

Provisional figures of Imports, Exports, balance of trade etc. for current month.

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Graph showing Indices and Growth of CPI, Food Group, Non-Food Group