Energy and Mining statistics section was established in early seventies in order to cover the activities of energy and mining sectors. In energy sector the electricity generation data from all the public and private enterprises including Independent Power Plants (IPPs) are collected, compiled and then supplied for PBS Publication and to other National and International agencies. The mineral production data are collected from Provincial Directorates of Mines & Mineral and data for crude oil and natural gas are collected from ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources. Then the data is compiled and supplied for PBS publication and to other Nation and International agencies. Moreover, census of Electricity Establishments and Census of Mining and Quarrying are also being conducted since 1963 .The last reports for both censuses were published for 2005-06.

A) Electricity

Monthly electricity generation data are collected from public undertaking (WAPDA,KESC, KANUPP, CHASNUP&PAKISTAN STEEL), private under-takings (KAPCO&HUBCO) and  about 25 Independent Power Plants (IPPs) etc. Annual and monthly data is being published in PBS Publications and also supplied to various national and international agencies.

Three series of indices of electricity generation have been computed by taking 1975-76, 1980-81 and 1999-2000 as base, using the following Laspayer’s formula.


Where I stand for  index, q1 and q0  is the generation for the current year and base year respectively.

B) Mining

Monthly Mineral production data in respect of four provinces is received from provincial Directorate of Mines and Mineral and Directorate General of Petroleum Concessions, ministry of Petroleum and natural Resources. This monthly data is then aggregated to form the annual figure. Thereafter, Monthly and Yearly mineral production data in respect of 40 selected mineral items are also published and also supplied to various National and international agencies.

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics has been computing annual series of Quantum Indices of Mining Production based on weights derived from census value added of mining sector, which was designed to measure changes in physical out-put of mining indices. Three series of mining indices have so for been computed by taking 1975-76, 1980-81 and 1999-2000 as base. Now the work on the development of indices with the base 2005-06 is in progress.

Function of the Energy &Mining Section

A) Regular Activities

  1. Collection of Data (Monthly)
    1. Collection of Mineral Production Data from Provincial Directorates of Mines and Minerals Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Balochistan and FATA.
    2. Collection of Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production data from Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources.
    3. Electricity Generating  Data from respective   agencies i.e. WAPDA, KESC, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission(PAEC), Pakistan Steel and Independent Power Plant (IPPs)
  2. Supply of Data (Monthly/Quarterly/ Annual)
    1. Monthly Bulletin of Statistics
    2. UN Monthly Bulletin of Statistics (UNSD)
    3. UNSD Quarterly Questionnaire
    4. U.S. Geological Survey
    5. Statistical Pocket Book (PP Section, PBS Karachi)
    6. Statistical Year Book (PP Section, PBS Karachi)
    7. State Bank of Pakistan
    8. Pakistan Economic Survey
    9. Budget Speech
    10. National, International Agencies and researchers (as and when required)

B) Censuses/Surveys

I) Census of Mining and Quarrying

Census of Mining and Quarrying is one of the regular activities of Energy &Mining Section. The first census was conducted in 1962-63 and so far 24 reports have been completed which covers the data for all minerals at National and Provincial levels. The last census was conducted in 2005-06. The main objective of the census was to collect statistical data for deriving GDP estimates of Mining Sector.\


Census of electricity establishments is also one of the regular activities of E.M. Section since 1962-63and about 28 reports have been published so far. The last census was conducted in 2005-06.


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