All the censuses of Agricultural Census Wing (ACW) cover four provinces, capital territory, Gilgit Baltistan and Azad State of Jammu and Kashmir. Direct interview method is adopted for the respondents  scattered throughout the area covered under the censuses and the responses are recorded on the carefully prepared questionnaires and then computerized / tabulated as per tabulation plan prepared with consent of data users.  Salient futures  about each of the census conducted by ACW are as under:

  1. Agricultural Census:  It is conducted on sample basis. The sample design and sample size varies for different parts of the country. Provincial Revenue Departments act as the enumeration agency. Household is the source for provision of data.
  2. Agricultural Machinery Census: This census is carried out on hundred per cent count basis for the agricultural machinery i.e. tractors, combine harvesters, bulldozers, important tractor drawn implements, tube wells, lift pumps, wells with pump, submersible pumps and modern irrigation systems (i.e. sprinkler and trickle / drip). However, the data on related parameters of farm mechanization are collected from the selected tractor, tube well, lift pump, well with pump and submersible pump owners on sample basis. Agricultural Extension Departments of the provinces act as the data collection agency.
  3. Livestock Census: Livestock Census is also conducted on sample basis with different sampling plans for different areas of the country.  Provincial Livestock and Dairy Development Departments perform the functions of data collection. Data is collected from the households.
  4. Mouza (Village) Census: Mouza Census is carried out on hundred per cent count basis with the assistance of Provincial Revenue Departments. It was initially designed to update lists of mouzas / villages as per latest administrative order to be subsequently used as sampling frame. However, its scope improved  overtime to cater for the  community level data encompassing the environment within which the rural communities operate and perform various agriculture related functions.    

The planners and researchers may study various types of relationships and the changes occurring therein for their planning and research endeavours. The data of ACW are provided to the data users as per data dissemination policy of the PBS