The PSLM Project is designed to provide Social & Economic indicators in the alternate years at provincial and district levels. The project was initiated in July 2004 and will continue up to June 2015.  The data generated through surveys is used to assist the government in formulating the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) as well as development plans at district level for the rapid assessment of program in the overall context of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). As such this survey is one of the main mechanisms for monitoring MDGs indicators.  It provides a set of representative, population-based estimates of social indicators and their progress under the PRSP and MDGs. For MDGs, UN has set 18 targets for 48 indicators for its member countries to achieve by 2015. Pakistan has committed to implement 16 targets and 37 indicators out of which 6 targets and 15 indicators are monitored through PSLM Surveys.

PSLM District level survey collects information on key Social indicators whereas through provincial level surveys (Social & HIES) collects information on social indicators as well as on Income and Consumption while in specific sections information is also   collected about household size; the number of employed people and their employment status, main sources of income; consumption patterns; the level of savings; and the consumption of the major food items.

This report is for the period 2013-14 which contains Indicators on Demographic characteristics, Education, Health, Employment, Population Welfare and Water Supply & Sanitation are developed at National/Provincial. Whereas report for the HIES part for the same period will be prepared separately.

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