Traditional sources for vital statistics are the Civil Registration System (birth and death registration system) and population census. The Civil Registration System in Pakistan, as in several other developing countries appears to be highly deficient and inadequate to provide reliable birth and death statistics.

In the absence of efficient civil registration system and inability of decennial census to provide birth and death statistics, during the interregnal periods, several demographic surveys have been undertaken by the Federal Bureau of Statistics in the country since, early sixties either independently or in collaboration with other organizations. The current series of demographic surveys, known as Pakistan Demographic Survey (PDS) was launched in 1984. This report pertains to the data collected through PDS during 2006.


The main objectives of the PDS survey are: - 

  1. to collect statistics of births and deaths in order to arrive at various measures of fertility and mortality for     Pakistan and its rural and urban areas; 
  2. to estimate current rate of natural increase of population at national level.
  3. to collect information on other selected characteristics of population to asses the impact of family planning and other Socio-Economic development programs.

Sample Design

Universe: The Universe consists of all urban and rural areas of all four provinces of Pakistan defined as such by Population Census 1998, excluding FATA & Military restricted areas. The population of excluded areas constitutes about 3% of the total population.

Sampling Frame: Federal Bureau of Statistics has developed its own sampling frame for urban areas. Each city / town has been divided into a number of enumeration blocks (EBs). Each enumeration block consists of 200-250 households on the average with well-defined boundaries and maps. The lists of enumeration blocks was updated during 2003 and the list of villages/mouzas/dehs published /prepared by Population Census Organization (Population Census 1998) have been undertaken as sampling frame. Enumeration blocks and villages have been considered as primary sampling units (PSUs) for urban and rural domain respectively.

PDS 2006 Reports

Sr.No. Table Subject Page No.
Table 1 39
Table 2 44
Table 3 59
Table 4 60
Table 5 65
Table 6 71
Table 7 76
Table 8 81
Table 9 86
Table 10 91
Table 11 96
Table 12 101
Table 13 102
Table 14 103
Table 15 108
Table 16 111
Table 17 114
Table 18 116
Table 19 117
Table 20 118
Table 21 119
Table 22 120
Table 23 121
Table 24 122
Table 25 123