Monthly Review of Foreign Trade December, 2012

Foreign Trade Statistics Section


Monthly Review
December, 2012


Government of Pakistan
Statistics Division
Pakistan Bureau of Statistics




  1.   Summary  
  2.   Review of Foreign Trade  
  3.   Exports by Group/Commodities  
  4.   Monthly Export by Group/Commodities  
  5.   Cumulative Export by Group/Commodities  
  6.   Analysis of Selected Commodities of Exports  
    i) Cotton Fabrics  
    ii) Cotton Yarn  
    iii) Rice  
    iv) Petroleum Products  
    v) Leather  
    vi) Carpets, Carpeting, Rugs & Mats  
    vii) Raw Cotton  
  7.   Direction of Exports  
  8.   Monthly Exports by Territories/Regions  
  9.   Monthly Exports to Major Countries  
  10.   Cumulative Export by Territories/Regions  
  11.   Cumulative Export to Major Countries  
  12.   Exports by Economic Categories  
  13.   Import by Group/Commodities  
  14.   Monthly Import by Group/Commodities  
  15.   Cumulative Import by Group/Commodities  
  16.   Analysis of selected Commodities of Imports  
    i) POL  
    ii) Chemicals  
    iii) Machinery  
    iv) Transport Equipment  
  17.   Direction of Imports  
  18.   Monthly Imports by Territories/Regions  
  19.   Monthly Imports from Major Countries  
  20.   Cumulative Import by Territories/Regions  
  21.   Cumulative Import from Major Countries  
  22.   Imports by Economic Categories  
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