Foreign Trade Statistics Section


Monthly Review
April, 2011


Government of Pakistan
Statistics Division
Federal Bureau of Statistics




  1.   Summary  
  2.   Review of Foreign Trade  
  3.   Exports by Group/Commodities  
  4.   Monthly Export by Group/Commodities  
  5.   Cumulative Export by Group/Commodities  
  6.   Analysis of Selected Commodities of Exports  
    i) Cotton Fabrics  
    ii) Cotton Yarn  
    iii) Rice  
    iv) Petroleum Products  
    v) Leather  
    vi) Carpets, Carpeting, Rugs & Mats  
    vii) Raw Cotton  
  7.   Direction of Exports  
  8.   Monthly Exports by Territories/Regions  
  9.   Monthly Exports to Major Countries  
  10.   Cumulative Export by Territories/Regions            
  11.   Cumulative Export to Major Countries  
  12.   Exports by Economic Categories  
  13.   Import by Group/Commodities  
  14.   Monthly Import by Group/Commodities  
  15.   Cumulative Import by Group/Commodities  
  16.   Analysis of selected Commodities of Imports  
    i) POL  
    ii) Chemicals  
    iii) Machinery  
    iv) Transport Equipment  
  17.   Direction of Imports  
  18.   Monthly Imports by Territories/Regions  
  19.   Monthly Imports from Major Countries  
  20.   Cumulative Import by Territories/Regions  
  21.   Cumulative Import from Major Countries  
  22.   Imports by Economic Categories  
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