The programme of Census of Mining & Quarrying Industries (CMQI) was initiated in 1962-63. So far 22 reports have been published. The present report is the 23rd of the series and covers mining establishments including those holding leases/licenses for crude oil, natural gas, coal and other minerals in all the provinces of Pakistan. This report presents data for all minerals at national and provincial levels.


The CMQI 2004-05 covered establishments engaged in mining and quarrying activities relating to extraction of minerals and fossil fuels whether solid, liquid or gas, both in the private and public sectors in all the provinces and federal capital Islamabad has been included in Punjab for the statistical purpose.

Main Objectives

  • The main objective of the CMQI is to commensurate mining and quarrying activities in terms of gross output, gross value added, employment and employment cost.
  • To obtain production data and the input structure.

CMQI 2004-05 Reports