This report is the twenty-sixth in the series compiled by Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS). The first census report was brought out for the year 1962-63. This report presents data for the year 2003-04 (July-June) at national and provincial levels.

The census covered all public and private sector electricity establishments engaged in generation, transmission and distribution of electricity whether Hydel, Thermal or Nuclear during the year 2003-04.


The main objective of the census is to derive value addition of electricity sub-sector in the national economy. The census aims at collecting information on fixed assets, installed capacity by type of plants, electricity generated, electricity consumption and number of consumers by sectors, industrial cost, gross value of production, value added, electricity consumed in auxiliaries.

Data Collection

The census of electricity establishments is conducted through mail. Census questionnaires (Annexure-I) were dispatched to all the 50 electricity establishments (public & private). The frame of electricity establishments was obtained from the Ministry of Water & Power. As a result of hectic efforts and vigorous follow up, response from all the 41 functioning electricity establishments (Annexure-II) was obtained.

A. Foreword, Contents and List of Statistical Tables

B. Report