Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) collects the data on various socio-economic sectors of the economy through primary as well as secondary sources and through Government records and disseminates the same as per data dissemination policy of PBS which is available at PBS official website

For the purpose, necessary instructions have been issued to all the concerned sections to supply the requested data. However in case of any non-response, complaints can be lodged through following procedure:

  • What information/material is required when they lodge a complaint?
    • When was the data request sent?
    • What type of data requested and for how many years?
    • Any response from PBS.
    • Either you have deposited the required dues of the data as per data dissemination policy available at PBS web site.
    • Either you have completed all codal formalities regarding supply of data. 
    • What is your complaint now?
  • How to complain?
  • Where to complain?

The complaint can be sent to the following officers:

Sr. No. Name & Designation Address/Contact Nos.


Director (Admn)

Statistics House 21, Mauve Area, G-9/1, Islamabad


  • How the complaint should be processed within the department and communication of final decision or advice and monitoring the progress.
    • The complaint cell will contact the respective section of complaint and will ask for the action that have taken so far regarding data supply and will facilitate for rectification of complaint.
  • What assistance is available to the people who want to complaint?
    • Complaint cell will cooperate completely and assist them in acquiring the data.
  • Information regarding the facility of filing of complaint in Federal Ombudsman Secretariat along with its contacts numbers.
    • Litigation section is designated in PBS to facilitate the public to file the complaint in Federal Ombudsman Secretariat. The detail of concerned officer is as under:
      Mr. Abul Kalam Ashrafi, ACC (Litigation), Statistics House, 21 - Mauve Area, G-9/1, Islamabad. 051-910657

Contact Us (For Complaints):

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics

Director (Admin)
Statistics House 21, Mauve Area, G-9/1, Islamabad.