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Whats New?

Weekly Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) for the week ended on 18-07-2024

​Weekly SPI with base 2015-16=100 for the week ended on 18-07-2024 is 321.40 with 0.76% change over the previous week.

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Monthly Advance releases on Foreign Trade Statistics for June 2024

Provisional figures of Imports, Exports, balance of trade etc. for current month.

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Quantum Index of Large Scale Manufacturing Industries (QIM) for May, 2024

Provisional QIM has been computed on the basis of latest production data of 123 items with base 2015-16 for May 2024 is 113.90 with 7.33% change over May 2023.

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Monthly Summary on Foreign Trade Statistics for June, 2024

Summary on Foreign Trade Statistics.

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Monthly Price Indices for June 2024

Monthly Price Indices for June 2024 (Base Year 2015-16)

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National Accounts Committee (NAC) Meeting 21st May 2024

National Accounts Committee (NAC) approves Q3 estimates of financial year 2023-24.

  • Economy witnesses upward revisions in Q1 and Q2 2023-24 by posting growth of 2.71% and 1.79% as compared to 2.50% and 1.0% presented in 108th meeting of the NAC respectively
  • GDP for Q3 in 2023-24 has shown a growth of 2.09%
  • The final and revised growth rates for FY 2021-22 and FY 2022-23 are 6.18% and -0.21% respectively
  • The provisional growth rate of GDP for FY 2023-24 is 2.38%


Article published by World Bank

World Bank considers the compilation of Quarterly National Accounts by PBS as a landmark development in the nation's macroeconomic statistics program.

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Advance Release Calendar of National Accounts

Advance Release Calendar of National Accounts for FY 2023-24 And FY 2024-25.

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QNA Dessimination and Revision Policies

Release of QNA Dissemination and Revision Policies.

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Graph showing Indices and Growth of CPI, Food Group, Non-Food Group