Important Notes:
  • This is for information/clarification and record that those individuals/institutions using HIES 2015-16 (HIICS 2015-16) for calculation of Poverty, POU or any other nutritional analysis on the basis of Consumption items of the said HIES 2015-16 survey.
  • Consumption item code 11109 of female questionnaire (Section 6-B) is actually grinding, husking, cleaning Charges of Wheat, Rice, Jawar, Millet, Barley. Due to a typo mistake in questionnaire in which the word AAtta (Flour) with Rice, Jawar, Millet and Barley create confusion for researchers and data analyst. More than 90% of quantities reported in this item are equal to the quantities already reported for Wheat, Rice, Jawar, Millet and Barley. Basically this code is non-food item containing expenditure of grinding etc. It should not be included for computation of any caloric / nutrition requirement and should be excluded from food items.
  • The zip files contain all sections data.
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