Data Processing Centre


Central Statistical Office was established in August, 1950, which used different electro mechanical equipment such as Tabulators, sorters etc for compilation of Statistical Surveys/Censuses data. In computer field, rapid changes have been experienced from time to time due to which latest computer systems (hardware/software) were used after replacing the obsolete ones, Detail of which is given below: 

S.# YEAR Hardware Software
i 1969

IBM-360/E 30
6 KB Memory,  

Input device: Card punch system,
Input/Output Device: Magnetic Tapes 800 BPI (Bytes per Inch)  

Operating System: Disk Operating  System (DOS)   Language: COBOL-D  
ii 1981

2 MB Memory,  4 Hard Disk  

Input device: Card punch system,
I/O Device: Mag. Tapes 1600 BPI
1.2 MB Floppy Diskettes (5.25”)                      

  Operating System: VM (Virtual Memory)   languages: FORTRAN, COBOL-ANSI
iii 1991

VAX – 6310
32 MB Memory, 12 Hard Disks, 1.2 GB each

I/O Device: Mag. Tapes 1600/6250 BPI,                    1.4 MB Floppy Diskettes (3.5”)                    700 MB CDs  and USBs

Personal Computers/Workstations

LAN (Local Area Network) for  Data Entry

  Operating System: Open VMS Languages: COBOL, FORTRAN, IMPS       Languages/Packages for PCs:   Turbo Pascal, Turbo C, DBASE-V, Lotus 123, Spreadsheet 20/20, SPSS, WordPerfect 5.0, WORD for WORD. Basic and Realia COBOL   Network Software: Novell Entry Point90 software for Data Entry Appl. Development  
iv 2000

Alpha DS-20 Server
256 MB Memory, 7 Ultra Wide Hard Disks, 36 GB each 12/24 GB DAT Drive  

I/O Device: Mag. Tapes 1600/6250 BPI, 1.4 MB Floppy Diskettes (3.5”), USBs

P.C’s (P-III, P-IV, Core 2 Duo)

LAN Data Entry  

  Operating System:  UNIX   Languages/packages: C++,  COBOL &  Oracle 9i Data base      Window operating system for PCs   MS Office, SPSS, CS Pro & Oracle 9i Dev. Suite   SQL server 2000 for data entry and  VB 6  for data entry Appl. Development


After 2005, GIZ helped a lot by providing latest computer (Hardware/Software) through German technical support program.  In December, 2011, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) has been formed after merging of three attached departments of Statistics Division i.e. Federal Bureau of Statistics, Population Census Organization and Agriculture Census Organization and its technical Cell. PBS is shifted to new building, Statistics House, in mid of 2012.   GIZ provided their economic support in establishment of a large networking system in new building of PBS  and acquiring latest hardware/Software through their technical support program. Besides GIZ, UNFPA also assisted the PBS by providing ICR machines & other equipment for processing of upcoming 6th Population & Housing Census.

At present the following Hardware/Software systems installed at Data Processing Centre, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, Islamabad.


  1. 3 x  Server: HP ProLiant ML 350 G6 Rack Mount Server
    • Primary Domain Controller
    • Additional Domain Controller
    • Proxy server TMG (Planned)
  2. 1 x  Dell Power Edge R710 Rack Mount Server
    • Database Server (Planned)
    • Dell Equal Logic PS4000XV SAS Storage  2.4 TB
  3. 1 x  Alpha DS 20 RISC Server (COBOL Server)
  4. 1 x  HP ProLiant ML 350 G6 Data Entry Server
  5. 1 x Dell OptiPlex 780 (Antivirus Server) Kaspersky.
  6. 1 x  Dell OptiPlex 780 (Wireless Management Software)


  • MS SQL Server 
  • VB .Net / VB-6 
  • COBOL Language
  • CS Pro 5.0
  • SPSS
  • MS Excel
  • Crystal Reports


  • 1 Core Switch CISCO Catalyst 3750 (24 SFP Ports)
  • 19 Access Switch CISCO Catalyst 2960G (48 Ports)
  • 1 CISCO Router 2921  
  • 1 CISCO Firewall ASA 5510
  • 1 HP Wireless Mobility Controller MSM 760
  • 22 HP Access Points MSM430


The newly emerged Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) is mandated to provide accurate, timely, comprehensive and user-friendly information to public, private, national and international organizations. PBS has three Data Processing (DP)  Centres at Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi responsible primarily to meet the data processing needs of three former offices: Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS), Population Census Organization (PCO) and Agriculture Census Organization (ACO) now emerged as Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.

DP Centres of PBS are responsible to provide support services i.e. development of software for processing of socio economic surveys, censuses and other statistical projects in line with policy priorities and plans.   However, main functions of DP Centres are as follows:

  1. System analysis and designing,
  2. Application Programming/Software development,
  3. Development, operation and maintenance of Data Bases, 
  4. Supervision of Servers and Computer operation,
  5. Data Entry operation,
  6. Management/control of technical reference material, 
  7. Maintenance of Computer Hardware/Software,
  8. Liaison with users of data processing services,
  9. Content Management/updations  of  PBS Website,
  10. Development/Deployment of SAARCSTAT Website and 
  11. Network/Internet Support to PBS employees.