Pakistan Statistical Pocket Book 2006


Statistical Pocket Book

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1   Overview            
1.1   Pakistan: An Introduction  
1.2   Chronology of Pakistan  
1.3   World Heritage in Pakistan  
1.4   Heads of State/Government of Pakistan  
1.5   Administrative set-up of Pakistan  
1.6   Population and Area of Pakistan  
1.7   Selected Indicators of Pakistan  
1.8   Area of Continents  
1.9   Area of Selected Countries  
1.10   World Population   


  Population   [[PDF] Here]    
2.1   Population of Pakistan    
2.2   Population and Growth Rate    
2.3   Administrative Units of Pakistan  
2.4   Number of Rural Localities and Population  
2.5   Number of Urban Localities and Population  
2.6   Population of Major Cities  
2.7   Population, Area and Density  
2.8   Area , Population and Density by District  
2.9   Population Change by Province  
2.10    Population by Sex and Age Groups  
2.11   Literacy Ratio of Population


  Literate Population by Level of Education  


  Birth/Death/Infant Mortality/Natural Growth Rates  
3   Labour Force   [C[PDF]lick Here]          
3.1    Percentage Distribution of Population by Activity
3.2    Percentage Distribution of Employed Persons by Major Industry Division and Employment Status
3.3    Percentage Distribution of Employed Persons by Major Occupational Groups and Employment Status


  Education   [Clic[PDF]k Here]          
4.1    Number of Primary, Middle and High Schools and Enrolment  
4.2    Number of Teachers in Primary, Middle and High Schools     
4.3    Number of Secondary Vocational Institutions by Type
4.4    Enrolment in Secondary Vocational Institutions by Type and Sex
4.5    Number of Teacher’s Training Institutions and Enrolment by Sex
4.6    Number of Colleges by Type  
4.7    Enrolment in Colleges by Type and Sex  
4.8a    Public Sector Universities/Degree Awarding Institutions [PDF]
4.8b    Private Sector Universities/Degree Awarding Institutions  [PDF]


  Health   [Click [PDF 8 KB]Here]            
5.1   Life Expectancy and Other Social Indicators  
5.2   Number of Health Facilities (progressive) in Pakistan    
5.3   Number of Health Institutions and Beds by Area and Province
5.4   Key Indicators of Social Sector  


  Agriculture   [C[PDF 21 KB]lick Here]          
6.1    Quantum Index Numbers of Agricultural Crops    
6.2    Area, Production and Yield of Principal Crops     
6.3    Land Utilization    [PDF]  
6.4    Population of Livestock (estimated) 
6.5    Milk Production (estimated)  
6.6    Meat and Eggs Production (estimated)   
6.7    Fish Production    
6.8    Output of Forest Products  
6.9    Credit Disbursed by Agenciess    
6.10    Temperature at Selected Centres   [PDF]  
6.11    Rainfall at Selected Centres    [PDF]  
6.12    Number and Area of Private Farms, Classified by Size    [PDF]  
6.13   Number, Area and Average Size of Farms    [PDF]  
6.14   Tenure Classification of Farms and Farm Area  [PDF]  
6.15    Land Use and Cropping Intensity by Tenure  [PDF]  
6.16   Cropping Pattern     [PDF]  
7   Manufacturing   [C[PDF]lick Here]          
7.1   Quantum Indices of Large-scale Manufacturing Industries 
7.2   Production of Selected Manufacturing Items  
7.3   Growth in Production of Large-scale Manufacturing Industries  
8   Energy and Mining   [Clic[PDF]k Here]            
8.1    Quantum Indices of Electricity and Mining  
8.2    Installed Capacity and Electricity Generation    
8.3    Electricity Consumption    
8.4    Production of Selected Minerals   
8.5    Growth in Production of Selected Minerals    
9   National Accounts   [Cli[PDF]ck Here]            
9.1    Gross National Product at Current Factor Cost  
9.2    Gross National Product at Constant Factor Cost    
9.3    Net National Product at Current Factor Cost  
9.4    Net National Product at Constant Factor Cost   
9.5    Expenditure on Gross National Product at Current Prices  [PDF]  
9.6    Expenditure on Gross National Product at Constant Prices [PDF]  
9.7    Sector-wise Growth Rates and Shares at Constant Factor Cost   [PDF]
9.8    Annual Growth Rate of Gross Domestic Product   [PDF]  
9.9    Ten Year Average Real Growth Rates in GDP   [PDF]  
9.10   Comparative Statement of GDP, GNP Estimates  [PDF]  
9.11   Comparative Statement of GDP, GNP Estimates and Sectoral Shares [PDF]
9.12   Comparative Statement of GDP, GNP Estimates and within Sectoral Shares  [PDF]
9.13   Gross Fixed Capital Formation (at current market prices)  [PDF]  
10   Public Finance   [Click[PDF ] Here]          
10.1    Revenue Receipts of the Federal Government    
10.2    Expenditure met from Revenue of the Federal Government    
10.3    Capital Receipts of the Federal Government   
10.4    Capital Expenditure of the Federal Government   
10.5    Federal Tax Receipts  [PDF]  
10.6    Income Tax Collection by Region   [PDF]  
10.7    Collectorate-wise Collection of Central Excise Duty (Gross)[PDF]  
10.8    Collectorate-wise Collection of Sales Tax (Net)  [PDF]  
10.9    Collectorate-wise Collection of Customs Duties (Net)   [PDF]  
10.10     Summary of Public Finance  [PDF]  
10.11     Zakat Receipts   [PDF]  
11   Balance of Payments   [Cli[PDF]ck Here]          
11.1    Balance of Payment - Summary    
11.2    Pakistan’s Balance of Payment    
11.3    Profile of Domestic and External Debt   
11.4    Pakistan’s External Debt and Liabilities   
11.5    Gold and Foreign Exchange Reserves
11.6    Country-wise Workers Remittances   
11.7    Ownership Classification of the Federal Government Debt    
11.8    Exchange Rate Position: Pakistan Rupees in Terms of One Unit of Foreign Currency 
12   Banking   [Cli[PDF]ck Here]          
12.1    Scheduled Banks Operating in Pakistan    
12.2    State Bank of Pakistan - Assets of the Issue Department    
12.3    State Bank of Pakistan - Liabilities and Assets of the Banking Department  
12.4    Scheduled Banks and their Branches 
12.5    Bank Credit to Private and Public Sector    
12.6    Consolidated Position of Scheduled Banks Selected Items   
12.7    Classification of Scheduled Banks Advances by Borrowers   
12.8    Weighted Average Rates of Return on PLS Deposits for all Banks in Pakistan
13   Insurance & Joint Stock Companies   [Cli[PDF]ck Here]            
13.1    Number of Insurance Companies    
13.2    New life Insurance Business Effected and Total Business in Force   
13.3    Market Capitalisation of Ordinary Shares    
13.4    General Index of Share Prices    
13.5    Sensitive Index of Share Prices    
13.6    Key Indicators of the Stock Market (KSE)   
13.7    Top Ten Companies    
14   Foreign Trade   [Clic[PDF]k Here]          
14.1     Unit Value Indices of Exports and Imports   
14.2     Quantum Indices of Exports and Imports    
14.3     Exports by Areas/Regions    
14.4     Imports by Areas/Regions   
14.5     Exports to Principal Countries in Descending Order of Value  
14.6     Imports from Principal Countries in Descending Order of Value   
14.7     Exports by Commodity/Major Groups    
14.8     Imports by Commodity/Major Groups    
14.9     Import of Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants (POL)  
14.10     Exports by Principal Commodities   
14.11     Imports by Principal Commodities    
14.12     Exports by Economic Categories    
14.13     Imports by Economic Categories    
14.14     Exports, Imports and Trade Balance    
14.15     Exports and Imports (1947-48 to 2002-03)    
15   Prices & Consumption Expenditure   [C[PDF]ick Here]          
15.1     Wholesale Prices Index Numbers by Commodity Groups  
15.2     Wholesale Prices Index Numbers by Important Commodities  
15.3     Combined Consumer Price Index Numbers by Commodity Groups  
15.4     Percentage Change in Consumer Price Index Numbers by Commodity Groups
15.5     SPI, CPI and WPI Indicators  
15.6     Percentage Distribution of Monthly Consumption Expenditure per Household
15.7     Percentage of Consumption Expenditure by Commodity Groups  
15.8     Percentage of Income Shares  
15.9     Household Income Distribution in Pakistan  
15.10     Deciles of Household Income Distribution  
15.11   Percentage Distribution of Monthly Income among Households, Population and Consumption Expenditure by Quintiles
16   Development Planning   [Click[PDF] Here]           
16.1     Annual Development Programmes by Executing Agencies  
16.2     Public Sector Development Programme 2003-04 (Federal)  
16.3     Public Sector Development Programme 2003-04 (Provincial)  
16.4     Sectoral Priorities in Public Sector Development Programme  
16.5     GNP/GDP (Annual Growth Rate)  [PDF]  
16.6     Physical Achievements & Structural Changes  [PDF]  
17   Transport   [Cli[PDF]ck Here]            
17.1     Route and Track Kilometres of Pakistan Railways  
17.2     Pakistan Railways - Movement of Passengers, Freight and Gross Earnings  
17.3     Air Traffic Statistics of Pakistan International Airlines  
17.4     Cargo Handled at Sea Ports  
17.5     Motor Vehicles Registered by Type  
17.6     Length of Roads  
17.7     National Highways   [PDF]  
18   Media and Communication   [Cli[PDF]ck Here]          
18.1     Telecasting Hours by Language and Station  
18.2     Number of Television Sets (registered) by Province  
18.3     Newspapers and Periodicals by Province  
18.4     Distribution of Software Houses by Major Cities and Databases  
18.5     Distribution of Software Houses by Major Cities and Languages  
18.6     Distribution of Cellular Mobile Subscribers  
18.7     UANs Allotted, Bandwidth Allocation, No. of ISPs and Fibre Optic Installation in Cities/Towns
18.8     Internet Users in Selected Asian Countries  
18.9   Distribution of Telephone Connections by Operators  
19   Sports, Tourism and Culture   [Clic[PDF]k Here]          
19.1     Performance of Pakistan Hockey Team  
19.2     Performance of Pakistan Squash Team  
19.3     Performance of Pakistan Cricket Team  
19.4     Historical Performance of Pakistan Cricket Team  
19.5     Tourists Arrival in Pakistan by Region  
19.6     Number of Visitors to Areas/Places of Attraction  
19.7     Range Wise Distribution of Peaks  
19.8     Major Glaciers of Pakistan  
19.9     Highest Peaks of Pakistan (100 World Ranking)  
19.10     Archaeological Heritage  
19.11     Archaeological Museums  
19.12     Summary of Protected Areas in Pakistan  


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