Agricultural Census Commissioner

Dr. Amjad Javaid Sandhu
+92 42 99263181
+92 42 99263180

Dr. Amjad Javaid Sandhu joined the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics on 12-02-2020 as Deputy Director General after the recommendation of the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC). He has been working as Director (Statistics) at Pakistan Public Administration Research Centre (PPARC), Establishment Division, Islamabad, where he also joined through FPSC. He is a practitioner Statistician and served in different capacities throughout his professional life. He started his professional career in 1990 as Statistical Officer at Crop Reporting Service, Agriculture Department, Government of Punjab. But after two years he shifted to join as Statistician through FPSC in Agricultural Census Organization (defunct), Statistics Division and worked under the Federal Government at Lahore. He served as Statistician, Assistant Agricultural Census Commissioner and Deputy Agricultural Census Commissioner in Agricultural Census Wing of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics till February 2016. He has been working as a team member as well as a team leader for planning, preparation, execution, data processing, report writing and data dissemination for different censuses and surveys. He was fully involved at all stages of Agricultural Censuses, Livestock Censuses, Milk Production Surveys, Agricultural Machinery Censuses and Mouza Censuses conducted in Pakistan from 1992 to 2016. He also conducted 17th and 18th Censuses of Federal Government Civil Servants at PPARC as team leader, where he introduced many improvements in the census methodology and procedures, particularly merger of two questionnaires having different colours into one standardized questionnaire by the approval of Advisory Committee for 18th Census. He also published two separate Annual Statistical Bulletins each year for Federal Government Employees and Employees of Autonomous Bodies for the years 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18, and 2018-19, while the latest for the year 2019-20 were under process at the time of his relieving from PPARC.  

He did M.Sc. in Statistics from Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan in 1988 and his Graduation from Government College, Sargodha. He completed his Matriculation from Government High School, Chak No. 104 N.B. Sargodha. He always tried his best to enhance his educational abilities along with job responsibilities and did his MBA (Finance) from IBA, University of the Punjab during the first-ever evening session of 1995-97. He further tried to complete his M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees in Statistics from the National College of Business Administration & Economics, Lahore. He also completed several pieces of training in the fields of statistics, data analysis, sampling, census / survey methodologies, research, computer, and management conducted within Pakistan and abroad. He completed the Senior Management Course (24th SMC) from National Management College, Senior Management Wing, Lahore during 2018. He presented technical papers regarding different censuses and surveys at conferences. He is an author of different papers in survey sampling and quality control published in impact factor international journals. He has participated in different national and international statistical conferences as a presenter as well as chairperson and co-chairperson for different sessions. He elaborated a detailed difference between Census and Survey in his paper published in proceedings of 16th international conference on statistical sciences, published by Islamic Countries Society of Statistical Sciences (ISOSS). He has delivered several lectures on Statistical Practices in Pakistan at different universities. He is a member of the Board of Study of Statistics, COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus. He is a statistical practitioner having a core interest in the censuses, surveys, sampling, data collection, data analysis, and quality control in the field of statistics.