Android Base Data Collection of Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement (PSLM) District Level Survey (2019-20) for Monitoring of SDGs

PSLM District Level Survey is being conducted by PBS since (2004-05) at alternate years. Initially it was a biggest source of monitoring of MDGs, 15 out of 37 indicators adopted by Pakistan were monitored through PSLM.  In Sep-2015 United Nation has adopted new agenda namely Sustainable Development Goals with 17 goals, 169 targets & 232 indicators. In the light of the same PBS by taking relevant stakeholders on board amended their existing surveys to include SDGs indicators and also prepared Data Gap Review Report along with SDG unit in M/O Planning Development & Reform and UNDP. The Data Gap Report revealed that PBS is the main reporting agency with 66 indicators and from which 53 indicators will be covered through its existing surveys/census & National Accounts .Out of 53, 29 indicators will be monitored through PSLM/HIES Survey.

The additional significance of PSLM District level survey (2019-20) is inclusion of the modules on Information Communication & Technology (ICT), Food Insecurity Experience Scale (FIES), Access to Basic Services, Assets, Hygiene & Waste management Functional Limitation (Disability) and life time Migration for the first time to monitor some of the most important indicators for SDG’s. Specially there is no truly representative recent data available for the indicators, on Functional Limitation and Migration.

Due to inclusion of Disability Module in PSLM District level survey, the sample of PSLM District Level Survey has been increased from 5600 blocks covering 80,000 Households to 6500 blocks with covering approximately 200,000 Households.

Data Collection of PSLM (2019-20) through Tablets

 Data Processing centre and PSLM section took the initiative of shifting the data collection from laborious method i.e. from paper based questionnaires to the Tablets. For this purpose Android Software for PSLM District level survey (2019-20) was developed by the Data Processing Center in vigorous consultation with the PSLM section under the ample guidance of Member SS/IT for timely data collection and to ensure quality.

Due to shifting of data on Tablets and significant change in questionnaire, five days’ comprehensive training was scheduled at Karachi, Quetta, Lahore, Sukkur, Peshawar, Multan, Abbottabad, and Islamabad stations. Experts from Disability Organizations, Community Based Inclusive Development Network Pakistan (CPID) and Sight Saver also participated in training and dilated upon the concepts and the significance of good quality data on Disability. Field activities of PSLM District Level Survey on Tablets has been started from second week of October, 2019.


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