Statement showing yearly indices and %change in CPI, SPI & WPI
(Base year 2007-08=100)

Period Indices % change over previous year
2008-09 117.03 121.14 118.93 17.03 21.14 18.93
2009-10 128.85 136.80 135.40 10.10 12.93 13.85
2010-11 146.45 159.47 164.17 13.66 16.57 21.25
2011-12 162.57 170.77 181.28 11.01 7.08 10.42
2011-12 (July-April) 173.58 183.08 193.88 7.75 7.86 7.92

The historical data regarding price indices/prices can be obtained on demand according to PBS data dissemination policy. 

For CPI, Family Budget survey was conducted during 2007-08 and weight for each item were assigned according to consumption pattern of the households. For WPI, the value of marketable surplus was used for deriving the weights of item. The value of marketable surplus is the value of item available for sale in the wholesale market, which is equal to the total value of production less consumption by producer plus imports, minus export if any.

COICOP (Classification Of Individual COnsumption according to Purpose) is currently being used for CPI items, while CPC (Central Product Classification) is being used for WPI items.

PBS is releasing the weekly SPI report on every Friday, while CPI, WPI & monthly SPI figures are released on 1st or 2nd of every month. 

The basket of CPI comprises of 487 items, WPI comprises of 463 items, while SPI basket comprises of 53 essential items.

The weighted Laspeyre’s formula is used for computation of price indices. 

Detail of coverage is as under:

  • SPI prices are being collected from 53 markets of 17 cities.
  • CPI prices are being collected from 76 markets of 40 cities.
  • WPI prices are being collected from 21 wholesale markets of 21 cities.

Currently, PBS is computing the three indices with base 2007-08.

The CPI and WPI are computed on monthly basis, while SPI is computed on weekly basis.

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) is computing the following three indices on regular basis:-

  1. Consumer Price Index (CPI)    
  2. Wholesale Price Index (WPI)
  3. Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI)